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About Me

Having a great passion for the creation of software and games development for the last twenty years, I am now the lead Software Engineer and Director of Idea Cabin, a small software development and game development company.

Although we are a new business, properly starting in early 2017 when the business was pitched to the Virgin group and was quickly awarded support and funding. We then branched out further and soon found ourselves being mentored from a former head of Sega while working with Universities around Europe for student placements and freelance alumnum.

Fast forward a few months and we created long lasting business partnerships with some big names such as Valve (the good people behind Steam). As of mid 2018, we have over fifty thousand players of our games worldwide, across over fifty countries.

For the business software realm, we have delivered cutting edge business applications which can be seen below.

Software Development Projects

Virtual Reality Projects

Video Games

Work Experience

Founder & Lead Developer - Idea Cabin (2017 - Present)

After several years in the Software industry, I decided to try my hand at my own software development company creating both professional software for businesses and creating a few games. During the games development process, I found myself tapping into the VR industry and creating and working on various VR applications for other companies.

Senior Software Engineer - Open Projects (2013 - 2017)

Gathering of Software requirements from clients and users, writing software specification documents, scoping and planning software projects, delivering client software demonstrations, developing powerful and efficient business software and leading junior developers. Headed their Research and Development into new technologies, implementing several of them within the business.

Software Engineer - Various contracts (2011 - 2013)

Worked in various locations in the UK working as a contractor for multiple companies for a few months at a time while picking up lots of essential and valuable software development and management skills by being able to learn from lots of different software teams over the span of a few years.